Karmas a bitch

I know its a horrible thing to say, but karma will get you. A boy who beat up my friend for being gay has been beaten himself, and although i will light my candles for his survival as no one deserves to die, i hope this makes him realise what he does to other people. Its sick what happened to him, but what he did was sick also. And this is why i firmly believe in karma.

Facebook allows heterosexual awareness page

Despite reporting this page numerous times, it is reviewed and nothing is found wrong with it, despite containing hate speech about homosexuality? i am disgusted with facebook, and i encourage you, plead you, to report this page. Hopefully with enough people reporting it they will take notice! my emails have also been ignored, i have no more power, so please help me

Boycott the russian winter olympics

Boycott the Russian winter Olympics next year and join the massive group of us refusing to watch the sports taking place in Russia.
Due to their appalling behaviour towards homosexuality, and the laws made to teach their children that homosexuality ‘does not exist’, we are boycotting the games.
The russian government knows why we are boycotting the games and hopefully they will see the low ratings and realise how much support our cause has.
I have even persuaded my boss to boycott the games on the television in our waiting room.
So please, join us in boycotting the olympic games

I sent them running away screaming

I went to the cinema with my best friend and his boyfriend. After the film I went to the loo, and when I came out, my two friends had been surrounded by a group of ‘thugs’, ‘chavs’, whatever you want to call them. They were hurling insults at them, homophobic insults, and the group was trying to mug my friends. Now being a small petite girl, no notice was taken of me shouting, until one of the boys put their hand around my throat. BIG MISTAKE. I practise krav magar (the martial art taught to the Israeli army). Sufficed to say, the entire group ran away screaming. Now I’m not saying violence is the answer, but it did feel pretty damn good protecting my friends from homophobic abuse.